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Get The Used Car Facts First

Thinking about a used car?

The price of new cars has steadily climbed over the past few years making used vehicles more attractive than
ever. Because new vehicles lose so much of their value as soon as they’re purchased, car shoppers are increasingly turning to previously owned cars as a smart financial alternative. Today, thanks to manufacturing
and maintenance advances, used vehicles are better than ever and still a great value.

How To Create Your Own Car Club – part 2

5. By now, you have members, car club name, and advertisement. Now you can get sponsors. Sponsors are
usually responsible for creating trophies or anything else you need to start hosting your own car show.
Go to places where you think a good car show can be held, you have to keep in mind that your car show can host anywhere from 15 – 100+ cars/trucks/motorcycles. Parking lots of big-named stores, churches, schools, even some fast food restaurants will host a car show. I’ve personally seen car shows being hosted at Home Depot and Burger King (with a big parking lot). *Be sure to double check with the county, township or borough if you need any permits or licenses before you begin.*
You have to ask permission of the site to be used; here is where you have to turn into a salesman. Request to speak to a store manager or district manager. Ask them if they would like to help you host a car show and if it is ok for you to use their parking lot. If they seem hesitant, let them know it will bring in more people to their store.
Once that is established, it could very well turn into an annual event for you and your car club.

6. You have a place established; now it’s time to get the trophies. Automotive repair and body shops love to sponsor trophies. Again, you will have to turn into a salesman. Assure them that you will utilize their name often in your car show.
You will need to let them know how many places you plan to give away. Be sure to have your categories set (see tips). 1 trophy for each category (some have 3 places for each category) and 1 best of show is usually standard for car shows.

7. You will need a microphone system or bullhorn to announce the winners.

8. Create flyers and ads to advertise for you car show.

9. Concessions are a great way to build profit. Sell hot dogs, hamburgers, canned soda, pre-sliced cakes and get your club members, family and friends to volunteer.

10. Sell 50/50’s and raffles for large prizes at your car show.

11. The profits from your first couple of shows should go towards building your car club and making it better for your members.

How To Create Your Own Car Club – part 1

1. In order to create a club, you need people and more than just yourself. To get the people you need for a car club, participate in car shows. You don’t need a nice, unique or fancy car. Just make sure your car or truck is clean inside out. Expect judging but do not be despaired. While you are participating in the car show, talk to the other people who registered. Getting tips is a great way to start a relationship. Inquire how they did something is another way. Most people are eager to give away tips.

2. Create a name for your car club. Be sure that it is unique and not used. Use the internet to research.

3. Once a relationship is established, ask them if they would like to be a member of a car club. Make sure you express that the car club is new and you are still in the process of recruiting people. Some people might want to know what the benefits include (see the tips page).

4. Now you have about 3 or 4 people to start your car club. This is where you start to advertise. Decals and websites should be created at this point. Some decal dealers will give or sell at a huge discount if you offer to advertise (having a decal of their company on your car) or mention their company name. Websites are huge advertisements. Get web hosting from an established site, such as Yahoo for example, or you can use© for free web advertisement.

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