Gordon’s Rhoades Car Buying Tips – Part 3

7. Electric Assist?

If you are thinking of bringing a Rhoades Car with electric assist into Canada, you are entering a tangle of federal and provincial regulations. No matter what province you live in, Canada Customs enforces the federal regulations enacted by Transport Canada. Transport Canada requires that every motorized vehicle entering Canada have a VIN number, seatbelts, headlights and turn signals, etc., etc.

Don’t order a Rhoades Car with the factory installed electric assist. Wait until your new bike is safely over the border and then order a motor kit from Staton-Inc. in Oklahoma City (not to be confused with Briggs and Stratton).

8. What about Options?

Rhoades Car charges a fat premium on all its options (seats, lights, speedometers etc). You can buy these things off the shelf for less than half what Rhoades Car charges. If you’re trying to save money, order the base plastic seat and replace it with a boat seat from Outdoor Superstore (U.S.) or Canadian Tire.

9. Should I buy Used?

Rhoades Cars appear regularly on eBay. Why are people selling? My hunch is people sell a Rhoades Car because it’s too hard to pedal (6-speed or single speed) or it doesn’t have adequate brakes. Older Rhoades Cars used go-kart style band brake. Even two band brakes are not enough for emergency stops. The old-style brakes hardly work at all when rolling backwards – a nuisance if you want to stop to rest partway up a hill. Buy new and you get exactly what you want plus the latest improvements like disk brakes. Buy used, and chances are you’re taking on someone else’s regrets.

If you buy direct from Rhoades Car, they look after the crating and shipping – they’ll ship right to your door. Spending the money is probably less painful than trying to arrange shipping yourself.

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