ACN Inc. – A Telecommunication Giant’s Inside Story

ACN is an online MLM business opportunity. The worldwide telecommunications company operates in 20 different countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal and New Zealand.

The company offers services that millions of consumers already need and use, such as cell phone services, satellite TV, digital telephone and home security system monitoring. In Canada, ACN even offers energy plans (electricity and natural gas)

The cost for becoming an ACN representative, for the purpose of earning income by referring the products and services to others, is around 0. The compensation plan is seven levels deep. Commissions of 2-8% are earned on the front line. Levels 2-5 are much smaller, as low as 1/4%.

In order to create a substantial income with ACN, it is necessary to build an large network of both product customers and business builders. According to the corporate site, an average customer monthly bill is around .95.

So from this figure, you can see that 2-8% is not that much. You will need to build an organization of hundreds, and perhaps thousands, in order to create lasting, life-changing income online with ACN.

ACN reps are provided with some online prospecting tools; however, the best approach to building ACN online would be to learn some internet marketing strategies and leverage your time and efforts.

ACN is registered with numerous online organizations, which provide the certifications to the companies depending upon their performance and reliability in the market. ACN happens to be a company with an excellent ‘A’ rating given by the Better Business Bureau (

Marketing Tools and

ACN has multiple web sites, each dedicated to different aspects of the business. is the main corporate web site. From here, customers and distributors can login to their personal products and services accounts. (cell phone plans, high speed internet, etc)

Donald Trump, the American Business tycoon is also associated with ACN’s MLM networking business and he strongly approves of the ACN Networking business. One can find the details regarding the whole business at different websites of the ACN group.

Distributors are provided with some online marketing tools to succeed with ACN, but word in the field is that the systems and training are lacking for those who want to really excel with the business.

New distributors are coached to approach friends and family about enrolling as customers and distributors. In reality, this is an ineffective way to build a sustainable network marketing business, especially one that is advertised as an online business. Third party marketing systems, with lead capture pages and effective internet marketing training, will give new reps the highest chance of real success.

As mentioned earlier, the 7 Figure Networker System would be an excellent tool for your online marketing arsenal. A good marketing system will also help with another ‘negative’ of becoming an ACN rep–that is the fact that you will need to locate hundreds of fresh prospects every week, in order to recruit and build a large personal team.

There’s no way around this reality. More prospects equal more sales and you need to leverage your time and money as efficiently as possible with a system.

One final thought about the ACN opportunity. The entry price point is almost 0 (as of April 2010). This is cost prohibitive to many business opportunity seekers, especially in the current economic conditions. This may limit your pool of prospects somewhat.

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