The Mighty Ford: Alan Mulally, CEO of Ford Motor Company has Saved the Automotive Giant and has Exemplified the Qualities of a True Leader

Alan Mulally is the current CEO of Ford Motor Company. Now, while many may perceive the United States auto industry as miserably failing, given the government’s bailout and subsequent economic failure, Alan’s visions at Ford have helped stabilize and build credibility and capital with the company.

After previously being passed over for an open CEO position with Boeing, where he was a top executive, Mulally came upon the Ford CEO position. Former CEO, “William Clay Ford Jr., great-grandson of the founder of the Ford Motor Company, brought in Mr. Mulally in a tacit acknowledgment that he needed a new approach in his efforts to turn around the struggling automaker.” Transitioning from the aeronautical industry to the auto industry proved to be seamless for Mulally, a born leader.

Building on the basic five aspects of a learning leader, Mulally immediately utilized the failing economic times to begin with more experience. This was critical. Rather than blame everyone around him, he took charge of a sinking ship and guided it to shore, where repairs could be made so that it could once sail the financial seas, once again. Metaphors aside, Mulally clearly and immediately began selling off foreign assets to build a better product at home. Additionally, Alan went out on a limb. By removing high-end vehicles such as Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford’s portfolio and institutionalizing the hybrid and Sync systems, Mulally began building the prototypical car for a new era.

Finally, it seems Mulally himself could have been chanting, “Those who say it can’t be done should interfere with those doing it.” By focusing on a robust national market and competing with the foreign economies, Ford was able to pick itself up from financial ruin and become profitable once more. “Ford lost a total of .3 billion in 2006 and 2007. It surprised Wall Street by earning 0 million in the first quarter 2008, an astonishing improvement given the slump in the United States market that has ravaged sales of its most lucrative vehicles.’ Alan Mulally is a typical example of a learning leader. He took his colleagues for the ride of their lives…in cars built by Mulally’s Ford. By focusing on Mulally’s aspects of leadership, I, too, can embody the spirit of a born learning-leader.

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