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What you don?t know about Auto Insurance Rates in Memphis

Judge an insurance policy by its rates. Before signing any insurance contract, see to it that you have a clear idea of what their rates are. This is important because these rates may just represent a considerable dent in your budget, so you need to make sure you are financially ready.

Auto insurance in Memphis is not fixed; a fact that most people don’t have knowledge about, which often results to incorrect insurance choices. In addition, many people thought that insurance agents just take your information, and then use a chart to determine your rates. This is not entirely the case. Did you know that you can actually negotiate for lower rates?

The following will teach you some of the less-known methods for lowering insurance rates:

Public transportation

If you can show to the insurance company (agent) that you will use the vehicle less frequently than the agency projects or expects, you are entitled to a discount. With this, you may need to consider options like public transportation or carpooling. This is a pretty sensible move considering the soaring fuel costs today. Only use the vehicle when needed the most and you will save a great deal of savings.

Group plan

It would cost less to get auto insurance as a group than as an individual. When you apply for auto insurance, try to bring others along with you. This method of lowering auto insurance rates will make it easier for you to search for the best insurance policy. If your Boss already has a plan with a particular insurance policy, consider of joining that group plan.

Your credit record

Most people may seem clueless about it, but it’s not just your traffic record that affects the auto insurance rate that you are going to be offered. Your credit record also plays a big part; the insurance company needs to make sure that you will be able to pay the required premiums in order for them to cover you properly. Typically, drivers with clean credit records often get much lower insurance rates.

Company Loyalty

If you’ve got already health, life and home insurances, consider getting auto insurance from the same company. Clients who’re loyal to one company receive rewards, and you are sure to get much lower auto insurance rates if you stick with that company for all your insurance needs.

If you want to get the best auto insurance rates in Memphis, these things should lead you to the right direction. Keep this in mind and you will find the best insurer for you.

How to get Auto Insurance and Avoid Online Fraud

With this innovation has also become a problem of identity theft. The more offers that are available online, the more we find people willing to take advantage of people. How can you protect yourself from these online predators? People must be aware of the pitfalls of using online services so that they can take steps to avoid them. There are many things that you can do to protect yourself.

The first thing to do is to make sure of what information you are providing on any sort of application form. For application purposes, you should never be asked for personal information like your social security, bank account numbers, and credit card accounts. If you are asked for this sort of information, then you should immediately be suspicious of the intent. You should never provide this sort of information early on. Follow the typical steps to stop identity theft. You can find several ideas online. Just remember, if they are asking for personal information before even speaking to you directly, then you probably should not trust them.

You should also make sure that any agency you choose online has a physical address. Post office boxes do not count. You want to find a place, that if there is any sort of problem that you can visit them directly. This also shows that the company can be investigated if they have a real physical address. If it is local, you may even want to pay them a visit to provide any sort of documentation. This also may give you an idea of the professional status of the company. You will want to avoid a home office, since they are easily set up and dismantled without a trace.

Research your potential choices. You can usually find company reviews online. Do not believe reviews that you find on the company’s website. They will obviously not allow negative reviews on their own site. So look elsewhere and see if you can find negative reviews. Auto insurance is too important to find out that the company has a history of rejecting claims. No matter how much money you save, it does not matter if they reject your claim. You may find nothing wrong. You could even use the physical address to see if you can find anything about them in their local areas. The Better Business Bureau and or Chamber of Commerce may give you some idea of their reputation.

Do not be reckless. You may not want to use auto insurance brokers, rather than to individual sites. Broker sites gather standard information and send that information to a collection of insurance providers. Most brokerage sites do checks on the providers they represent. They do this because it would hurt their business to be associated with a fraud.
Brokerage sites are one of the best methods to use to avoid frauds. Be careful when you are searching; be aware of what information that you are putting out there. Your auto insurance should not create an identity theft crisis.

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