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S1 Number Plate Sells at Auction for ?400,000

Dunstable, Bedfordshire (PRWEB) September 20, 2008

The UK car registration number S 1 sold today at a sale held by Bonhams the auctioneers at the Goodwood Revival Festival. The full price paid was £404,062.50, a figure far in excess of the £250,000 that had been the amount mentioned in press speculation before the sale.

S 1 was one of the first number plates issued in Edinburgh. It was initially released in 1903, the same year as the first issue of the legendary A 1 plate in London. The first owner of S1 was Sir John MacDonald, Lord Justice Clerk of Scotland, who was one of the country’s first motor vehicle owners.

The price paid for the S1 registration makes it the second most expensive registration in the history of British private number plates. The holder of the UK record is currently F 1, which was purchased in January by businessman Afzal Kahn of automotive styling studio Project Kahn.

### Helps Subscriber Locate a Car Auction in Another Country

Fountain Valley, CA (PRWEB) June 22, 2006

Searching for the perfect used car can be a grueling task, especially if the vehicle is located in a different country.

Martin Buric of Vancouver, British Columbia has been a member of since October 2005. Martin would peruse the site on a daily basis not knowing that one day he would come across a Jaguar that he and his wife would fall in love with.

The 1999 Jaguar XJ8 was being featured on a site called This site has a section called Hot Items which is accessible to its subscribing members. Hot Items are auctions on Ebay that the Editors of have selected as extraordinary items worth considering.

Why was so helpful? Their service will point members to the proper channels to locate bargains whether the bargains are on their own site or other sites. This practice isn’t typical of most auction sites. has a of team full time researchers that post daily auction information whether it’s a government auction or a non-government auction on sites like Ebay which may deserve more attention, much like the Jaguar. The content on the site is updated daily, and a newsletter is emailed which provides their members new information about auto, real estate and foreclosure auctions specific to the member’s geographic location.

By using, Buric was able to place a bid on Ebay for the Jaguar and won it. Now the challenge was to claim their newly purchased car. Since Buric and his wife, Andrea live in Vancouver and the Jaguar was in San Antonio Texas, they had to board a plane and make the trip to the United States in hopes of driving back the vehicle.

Upon inspecting the Jaguar, Buric was very impressed with its condition and said, “The car was and is in absolutely incredible condition!”

Driving from San Antonio Texas back to Vancouver, British Columbia it self would be a challenge since it does take over 37 hours of none stop driving with a total of 2500 miles. The Buric’s, felt confident in their purchase, and made the trek back to their home with out any problems.

Martin and Andrea feel that the savings the experienced with the purchase of the Jaguar over traditional means such as a car dealer or private party was enough justification to fly to San Antonio Texas and drive it back to Vancouver.

Despite the fact that the Buric’s were from British Columbia, the American company, proved to be a useful method in locating a vehicle that saved the couple thousands of dollars.

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