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Earth is suffering for global warming. Activity of vehicle, factory, and human and even cattle farm can produce carbon gas the substance that responsible for making the world hotter every day. Hot air will very uncomfortable for us. But the worse problem of hotter earth is the unstable weather. Weather is getting unpredictable and causes a lot of disaster. It is almost every day we hear and watch news of typhoon, hurricane or flood. And even not only on news, we also feel the heavy rain and twister.

For protection of bad weather, we should build a strong shelter for us. Home and every building should be made with high quality material and strong constructions to defense bad weather. But we cannot stay at home all the time; we should go out for works or just to buy something on supermarket. And the safer road transportation is car. It can protect us from sunlight, wind and rain fall. But bad weather can harm the car also; strong wind and rain drops could enter the window and damage the car. To protect car window from wind and rain drops you can install wind deflectors on each windows. It is a small accessories but very useful.

Protection is good to survive bad weather, but making the world more comfort with decrease carbon exhaust will be better. To decrease carbon gas we should living green. Green life can start with simple action with three important steps that is reduced, reuse and recycle all the stuff you use in daily life.

Go Green – Save Green, 125 Ways To Save Money

Go Green – Save Green, 125 Ways To Save Money
125 Ways To Save Money … and Still Be Green! Go Green – Save Green And Make A Massive Difference. This book saves you money and you can still be green…
Go Green – Save Green, 125 Ways To Save Money

Innovative GreenWashBall Ushers in Next Generation of Eco-Friendly and Economical Laundry Solution

Green Wash Ball

(PRWEB) October 20, 2008 -–

The revolutionary new product by the GreenWashBall is a healthy, cost-effective way to help preserve the ecosystem by eliminating the need for laundry detergent. Scientifically designed to protect users’ health, the GreenWashBall cleans clothes efficiently and safely without chemicals or dyes.

It also reduces the risk of allergic reaction to detergent, eliminates bad odors and germs, and safeguards linens from bleaching. With a pH balance of 10 (roughly the same as traditional laundry detergent), the GreenWashBall treats grease, organic and chemical stains, yielding clean and healthy laundry.

The highly effective GreenWashBall contains Chlorine Exclusion Balls that work to remove residual chlorine in water and prevent fabrics from oxidizing and changing color due to chlorine, thus protecting the life and elasticity of clothes. Powerful antimicrobial action removes all molds and pathogenic coliform bacilli in the washing machine, leaving behind odorless and clean residue.

With a lifespan of three years, use of the GreenWashBall guarantees great savings on clothes detergent and fabric softener. Powerful remote infrared rays emitted by the GreenWashBall ceramics break the hydrogen molecules of water to increase molecular movement, while improving washing capabilities.

The reusable, half pound GreenWashBall eliminates germs and weakens the adherence of dirt on fabric so that it is easily removed without the use of chemicals or detergent. Users need only toss GreenWashBall into each load of white or colored-clothing laundry and proceed as normal. For maximum longevity, do not leave the GreenWashBall in the washing machine. Rather, place it in the sunlight for at least an hour a week.

GreenWashBall can be used to clean and wash any type of clothing, including delicate garments. Simply let clothes soak for an hour with GreenWashBall before washing. Additionally, the remarkable product can also be used in the refrigerator to maintain the freshness of fruits, vegetables, and meats.

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