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How To Find A Quality Used Honda In Toronto?

So you decided on a used car, and Honda is usually a very good choice. This particular brand has a good reputation of reliable engines, virtually indestructible mechanical components that will last years. These cars have a very good resale value, and they continue to be fuel efficient and capable of taking a lot of driver’s abuse. But finding a quality used Honda is more difficult than what meet the eye, for example if you are buying a used Accord, then you should from 1998 to 2002 generation Accord it is a well known fact the V6 transmission have typical gear slipping problems usually pass 150,000 km. If you are test driving this type of Accord, make sure you find a long stretch of road and really hit the gas peddle. Another symptom is when 2nd gear shift into 3rd, you should decelerate quickly, and apply gas right away. If you feel a jerk followed by a clunk, they you can have potential transmission failure in the near future.

This transmission issue also applies to the Honda Odyssey, and Acura TL. So make sure you take a good drive to feel the gear shift up and down, be sure to ask the previous owner if he has done the transmission recall. Another expense associated with a vehicle purchase is maintenance and repair fees. Make sure your 1998 and new Honda had a timing belt and water pump replacement before 160,000 km, and your 1998 and older models at 100,000. You should inspect the rear wheel well of the vehicle if the Honda is more than 10 years old, spot rust may form and cost you expensive body repairs later.

Make sure the vehicle has not been parked for a long time, and take a good test on the brake system. Listen to squeaks, clunking noises, and grinding sounds. If you hear a slight rattle under the hood, don’t be alarmed it could be your heat shield for the catalytic converter. You can simply remove the covering to eliminate the noise. This article is brought to you by BenchMark Automotive Group, we specialize in used Honda, used Toyota and imports. Find us online at or

How to purchase a quality used Honda in Toronto area?

Honda is a brand that is highly in demand when it comes to choice of purchasing a used car, since Honda reliability is well known and cost of repairs is relatively low. If you are not a knowledgeable consumer what should you look for before making this kind of investment? Many people simply judge a product by its price, and it is not the only deciding factor due to many reasons. For one you could have purchased a U.S, or major accident repaired vehicle for much less. Take a closer examination of your Honda, open all the doors, hood and trunk. Look for manufacture’s VIN plate, or the Vehicle Identification Number stickers. Since Honda is one of the manufactures that will mark every panel on the vehicle it is easy to tell if any of the panels has been replaced. Next you should look at the CarProof report to see if there are any insurance claims on this vehicle, if the vehicle was involved in an accident before and it cost 00 to repair the accident, the report will show you that very clearly. If you see a claim from the CarProof report but all the panels on the vehicle are original, that will mean the vehicle has been repainted and the accident was not sever enough to cause major damage.

One of the most important things to be aware of is major structure or frame damage on a vehicle. These types of damages are difficult to see, one of the best ways to take notice is to look for is marks around the bolts attached to the frame of the vehicle. Look for signs of torque marks or lack of rust if the bolts have been replaced recently. Drive the vehicle to see if it drives straight, if the vehicle shows sign of sever pulling that usually means the frame is not straight and vehicle is pulling to the left or right. The final piece of evidence should be the report of CarProof, if the vehicle has any major damage like that, the cost of repair would exceed 00. After you have examined the body structure of the vehicle you should begin to ask few fundamental questions regarding the mechanical and service history of the vehicle. There are well known problems regarding the Honda V6 engine which usually cause transmission failure, this include the 1998-2004 Honda Odyssey, 1998-2002 Honda Accord V6. If you are taking one of these vehicles for a test drive and noticed a jerk or hard kick when the vehicle is gear up or down. Then it is obvious the vehicle may potentially face some costly repairs down the road.

So the next time you are looking at a used Honda, make sure don’t let the price of the vehicle fool you into thinking it is a better deal. It is much better to purchase a clean or straight vehicle right from the start rather than to purchase a vehicle in poor condition and pay for the repairs on your own down the road. Thank you for reading, this article is brought to you by Benchmark Automotive Group of Toronto or or

Do You Want to Increase Your Car’s Resale Value? Here’s How!

If you are planning to resell your car in the future and buy a new and more advanced model, then you have to exert more effort in keeping it in good shape and excellent driving condition. Even if it’s already old, you can sell it at high price if it looks and performs like new. Anyway, let’s go straight to the question: how do you improve its resale value?

The truth is, you have a lot of options in preserving its good shape and condition, but there’s one store that can completely answer your question, Auto Parts Deal. Here, a great variety of replacement and aftermarket auto parts is available for your car’s proper maintenance and upgrading. Yes, there are thousands of other online auto parts stores that provide various kinds of aftermarket products, but there are few, which meet your needs and wants and help you save at the same time. This online store definitely does both.

Aside from regular check up like most of us do to safeguard our health, you need to replace some of your car’s parts and mechanical components even if they are still working to upgrade its performance and style. If you have an old Ford F-150 truck for example, which you frequently use to haul and transport heavy cargoes, you have to continuously upgrade its performance parts so it can always perform highly challenging tasks. Ford truck parts are known to be exceptionally tough but it doesn’t mean they don’t require much attention and care. Among the auto parts that require your utmost care are the car wheels and tires. These parts are closest to the road and their quality affects significantly your vehicle’s ride quality and handling. Replace your worn out tires and wheels with top quality replacement wheels offered at Auto Parts Deal. Here you can find the most dependable line of replacement Ford wheels, Nissan wheels, Jeep wheels and Chevrolet wheels.

For your added safety, this one-stop auto parts store also offers durable and high quality auto parts like Chevrolet bumpers, Mazda mirrors, Toyota tail lights, BMW headlights, and Dodge fog lights. All these parts are helpful in keeping you away from accidents, which of course excuses no one and no vehicle. It’s always better to be on guard and prepared for any road accidents that might happen. Also, check out the store’s top quality safety Ford truck parts, GMC truck parts, Dodge truck parts and Toyota truck parts.

Simple things like accessorizing your vehicle can go along way. This can help you sell your car with a worthy price tag in the future. But more than this, it makes your ride more comfortable, more fashionable, more convenient and safer, which in effect reduces a lot of stress in driving. So be wise, get replacement parts only from a dependable dealer like Auto Parts Deal

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