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The Prevalence of Mercedes Benz Cars

2010 should be the most profitable year in this millennium for Daimler AG, the authorized automobile manufacturer for Mercedes Benz line of automobile. Its total car selling in the first quarter of 2010 had increased by more than 40 percent compared to that in the similar period one year before. In almost all countries in the world, Mercedes Benz cars had made their sale record awesomely. The commercial record of Mercedes Bens had actually been prevalent in 2009 when global economic turmoil jeopardized almost all business enterprises in all countries worldwide, including automobile industries among which is Mercedes Benz cars and Mercedes parts sale. During which, Mercedes Benz surpassed other luxury cars manufactured by various world class automobile manufacturers in the commercial world. In 2010, it not only surpassed other luxury cars, but it also surpassed its own record that it made one year before.

The most prevalent model that became the determining factor of such awesome record is the New Generation S-Class model. When the commercial struggle of other car manufacturers was very stringent and aggressive, this model still held its grip as the most favored bestselling car model. Its sale rate improved by more than 90 percent compared to that of the previous year. At this point in time, Mercedes Benz and all of its newly released models become awesomely favored by almost all car lovers. They will never be hesitant to fork out a huge amount of money just to buy a new Mercedes Benz car or complement their old car with sophisticated Mercedes Benz parts.

The most prominent feature that makes Mercedes Benz line of cars prevails in the automobile business is the implementation of CGI technology. The CGI or Charged Gasoline Injection technology helps Mercedes Benz cars gain more performance with much less fuel consumption. The promotional offers that enable customers to buy discount Mercedes parts also help this line of car prevails in the automobile industry.


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A Closer Look At The New Mercedes SLS

The Mercedes Benz 300 SL “Gullwing” is one of the coolest sports cars of all time. So named because of its unique, roof-hinged doors, the Gullwing was the Enzo of its era: stupendously fast, outrageously expensive, and styled to make an entrance. Clark Gable owned one, Andy Warhol painted one, Ava Gardner crashed one and its in the news. No Mercedes sports car since, not even the Mercedes-McLaren SLR, has come close to matching the Gullwing’s iconic appeal. And now the Mercedes SLS.

The SLR was a bastard-child of a supercar that neither McLaren nor Mercedes-Benz engineers truly felt was their own. McLaren’s Gordon Murray, designer of championship-winning Brabham and McLaren grand prix racers, driving force behind the McLaren F1 supercar, thought the SLR overweight and overwrought; the antithesis of his personal automotive design philosophy. For their part, the Mercedes-Benz engineers were uneasy with McLaren’s free-wheeling, fast-moving development culture, and skeptical of its methods. The culture-clash car that resulted was blindingly fast and supremely robust, but oddly styled and strangely uninvolving to drive.

All of which perhaps explains the all new Mercedes SLS AMG, a lightweight, high tech, 571 hp super coupe that represents the distilled wisdom of some of the best and brightest engineers at the world’s finest automotive manufacturing firm. And yes, the distinct gullwing doors.

Like the SLS, the Mercedes SLS is a front mid-engine coupe, with its 6.3-liter V-8 (actually, it’s 6208 cc) positioned entirely behind the front axle center-line. The engine is based on the M156 V-8 from the SL63 AMG, but has been tweaked and primped sufficiently to warrant a new in-house codename — M159. Mercedes claims over 120 parts and components have been redesigned. The very most notable change, however, is a very dry sump system that allows the M159 to nestle very low down its frame. The engine delivers 571 hp at 6800 rpm, and 479 lb-ft at 4750 rpm. Some 402 lb-ft is available from just 2500 rpm.
The engine drives the rear wheels via Mercedes SLS new 7-speed dual clutch transmission, repackaged in a transaxle housing at the rear of the vehicle to aid deliver the SLS’s 48/52 front/rear weight distribution. Engine and transmission are connected by a sand-cast aluminum torque-tube, inside which is a carbon-fiber drive shaft. The transmission offers four modes — basic, Sport, Sport+ and Manual — each with different shift protocols. The transmission also has a launch-control mode that allows full-commando starts with electronically controlled wheelspin to prevent the engine bogging down off the line.

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