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Recalled Toyotas A National Emergency?

Ray LaHood which is the U.S. Transportation Secretary spoke at a congressional hearing, Wednesday, stating that people should complete stop driving Toyotas that have been involved with the massive recall.

“My advice is, if anybody owns one of these vehicles, stop driving it, take it to the Toyota dealer because they believe they have the fix for it,” said LaHood.

“We need to fix the problem so people don’t have to worry about disengaging the engine or slamming the brakes on or put it in neutral.”

Shares in Japan fell over seven percent due to the recalled toyotas, which is now at .62 U.S.  There has been over 2.5million recalled toyotas in the United States and Canada, over the issue about the sticky accelerator.

LaHood also stated he wants to talk to the Toyota automaker about their response to customer complaints.

“We’re not finished with Toyota,” LaHood said in an email to Reuters.

Also, in other news, United States safety are reviewing the electronic throttle system as a possible cause to the sudden acceleration connected to the recalled toyotas.

Toyota has already ruled out electronics as a cause of sudden acceleration by its cars. Millions of Toyota cars have been recalled internationally because of sticky gas pedals.

Also, the United States Government will be considering civil penalties the Japanese automaker, for its handling on this crisis involving the recalled toyotas.

Suggestions have been made that Toyota may not be doing all it can to resolve the accelerator pedal problems.

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Chicago New Toyota: Now Is The Time To Buy

Are you feeling it yet? You know, that urge to clean a closet, buy a new pair of shoes (or a new piece of sports equipment if you’re a guy). Perhaps the feeling even extends to the compulsion to drive slowly past every car dealership and gaze longingly at the new models. If that’s the case then Toyota has a deal you need to check out. Chicago new Toyota dealers are ready to put customers behind the wheel of their favorite Toyota models at a price they can really afford.

As Toyota struggles to overcome the economic backlash of their recalled models, they have devised some major incentives for buyers. By all reports they must be working, because Toyota reports their sales are up in the last month – by about half!

Customer confidence seems to be back on an even keel, but now Toyota may be trying to entice customers who have never owned Toyotas before in an effort to make up for lost sales. The company announced on March 1 that it is offering zero percent financing and also subsidized leasing and free maintenance for two years. (If only I could get my mortgage and credit card companies to give me zero percent financing!)

Industry analysts say although sales may have increased as much as 50 percent at the onset, they will likely level out soon. Analysts predicted down to a 30 percent increase by the end of March. Regardless, this is good news for customers who have many models to choose from at a great price. Toyota vehicle safety ratings are high all around and even a couple of the SUVs have great fuel efficiency. (The Highlander, for its roomy interior and great mileage is my pick.)

I must confess I have never seriously considered purchasing a Toyota until now. (Not that I buy new vehicles on a regular basis.) But the features of some of Toyota’s new models (especially the big safety ratings and luxury feel) coupled with these incentives are bringing me closer to considering adding a car payment to my monthly budget. I’m also thinking about all the money I could save on gas this summer with a new, more efficient vehicle.

Chicago new Toyota buyers will benefit from the incentives being offered by the company, as spring is not necessarily the best time to find such an amazing offer. Many of the new models also offer much greater fuel efficiency than previous models. Hybrids are an even more budget-conscious choice and Toyota has several available.

So, will you take advantage of the great deals Toyota is offering? Don’t wait too long, deals like this are often fleeting and if the response continues to be great, Toyota may recoup its losses and decide it no longer needs to sweeten the pot for customers.

2007 Toyota Prius Hybrid Gets Price Increase

The 2007 Toyota Prius Hybrid vehicle is already ready. The Toyota Motor Corporation, the mother that built this exceptional vehicle, made sure that it would bring forth new features and new options for the auto market for the coming year. And along with that, the company also decided on bringing up the tag price of this hybrid vehicle by 2.1 per cent, amounting to 0, from the price that it used to have. And along with that, the auto market should better be ready to meet the newest Toyota Prius Hybrid version.

Just like the previous Toyota Prius vehicles, the 2007 version would be made up of the best kind of auto parts Toyota. But now, the Toyota Prius Hybrid would hold a price of ,175. This is according to a statement from the company’s California unit. As per the Toyota Prius Hybrid Touring Edition vehicle, it would now be sold at ,070. But it would be the proud owner of larger wheels plus a much stiffer suspension.

Now, if you are interested, you better camp out of your local Toyota dealer. These Toyota Prius Hybrid vehicles would be going on sale this month.

Toyota has been known as the world’s best manufacturer of vehicles that could run on both gasoline and electric charges. This company has been the brain and the brawn behind various hybrids that are fuel efficient. The list includes the Toyota Camry hybrid version, the Lexus GS sedan hybrid, the Toyota Highlander, and the Lexus RX SUV hybrid. And these creations have given the company that much needed increase in sales. Now, Toyota is enjoying the 10 per cent increase in their vehicles’ sales in the US with the Toyota Prius as their top selling hybrid vehicle.

And with the continuous increase in the prices of fuel, Toyota would sure be able to enjoy from this situation. People are now opting to own and use hybrid vehicles for this type of vehicles can actually help owners and drivers save on fuel costs. They are also very friendly to the environment for it has a reduced amount of emissions.

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