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Benefits of UV Curable Coatings

Xsercoatings offers new range and decorative popular metal coatings with high durability. UV coatings are specifically offered for automobiles with advanced metal coatings. The main characteristics of UV coatings products are the solid elasticity, high chemical-physical resistance and reliable adhesion they offer. But that’s not all. While delivering high performance, these coatings are designed to have a lower level of impact on the environment than traditional coatings.
The most obvious benefit of using UV technology in the refinish industry is speed. When using traditional technologies, the urethane is still curing when it’s taken away from the heat source. Automotive refinishers must wait for it to more fully dry and crosslink before applying the next coat. This is not the case with UV curing.
“Where a traditional urethane coating can be cured in hours, in the case of UV it’s only a few minutes. “In the case of UV Curable Coatings, it is virtually 100% cross linked and is solvent-resistant within a few minutes. You can immediately apply the next coati

ng.” this makes the process much quicker without fear of losing quality of appearance.
“There are many tangible benefits that go with the speed benefit,” The biggest benefit for a body shop manager is they can do more jobs. If you shorten the process you have more space and the potential for more revenue.
The high quality of the finished product also makes UV Curable Coatings a viable choice for body shops. The technology offers quality of color gloss and distinctness of image.
“Ultimately the objective of a refinish body shop is to make invisible repairs so that consumers cannot tell it has been repaired. There are many tangent benefits that go with the UV coatings—

  1. Lower applied cost and return on investment- UV curable coatings, while typically more expensive than their conventional counterparts on a per gallon basis, are actually lower in overall cost once the complete process is taken into account. Much of the savings are speed, coating performance, and energy usage related.
  2. Performance- UV curable coatings provide protection for hundreds of materials and items you interact with everyday, from CDs/DVDs to your cell phone to your automobile. The extremely scratch resistant and tough coatings resulting from this process can be used in almost any application on almost every substrate.
  3. Environmentally friendly- these coatings also have no VOC or other environmentally hazardous materials. No HAPS, no VOC, and lower energy usage means that they are the greenest technology available.

    XSER Coatings was founded to drive the use of UV Curable Coatings into the industrial application not applied market. We are dedicated to solving our customer’s unique needs with our range of commercially available materials as well as our expertise in custom developing UV curable coatings for any application.

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    XSER Coatings offers new range and decorative popular UV coatings and metal coatings with high durability. UV coatings are specifically offered for automobiles with advanced metal coatings.

    Blackberry Mobile Phones: Providing Features Beyond Your Expectations

    BlackBerry is known for manufacturing some of the most stunning smartphones with cool features. Though, they are designed keeping in mind the needs of working-class people who want to have have high end applications in their gadgets so that they can meet their professional demands while fulfilling their entertaining desires. Furthermore, Blackberry phones are suitable for communicating especially through emails. Almost every handset by this brand is supported with HSDPA, GPRS network with which you can enjoy high speed internet on the move without any interruption.

    One of the prominent BlackBerry mobile phones is Blackberry Curve 8520. With dimensions of only 109 x 60 x 13.9 mm and weight of around 106 grams this phone is easy to carry and hold. The display screen measures 2.46 inches and has a high resolution (320 x 240 pixels) with a great clarity. The Trackpad helps you in the navigation while Bluetooth 2.0 enables you enhanced data rate. Not only this, the media player supports MPEG4, H.263, H.264 and WMV3 video file formats and bmp, jpg, png, tif and wbmp image formats.

    Other phone is the series of technically advanced handsets is Blackberry Storm 9500 supporting 3.2 mega pixel camera with features like auto flash, auto focus and 2 times digital zoom. The transmissive TFT 3.25 inches wide LCD gives you the high resolution of 480 x 360 pixels. It supports 65 k colours and you can adjust the font size according to your suitability and preference. Its SurePress technology helps you to quickly navigate through the menus. You just need to touch your finger to the touch screen on the application and press down with your finger to open the application. With SurePress you can have the full control of the actions on the screen. Last but not the least, the handset comes preloaded with BlackBerry maps and with Assisted GPS.

    Bold 9000 is yet another one in the range of latest Blackberry mobile phones. Its 3.2 mega pixel camera provides you sharp and clear quality pictures with features like auto focus, auto flash and image stabilization. The 2.44 inches large HVGA display gives you crystal clear clarity. Icing on the cake is that, the QWERTY key board comes with back lighting facility and the trackball is used to navigate through the menus.

    Lately, almost every device by this brand has all the necessary features like GPS, BlackBerry Maps, Wi-fi, Bluetooth, Media player and Key board security. Besides that, be it be camera, music, navigation or any other enhanced feature these phones stand out in everything. They are high performers and trend setters among other phone available in the market. There’s no need to lag behind so get set go and grab your favourite one.

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    Alan Simpson is a renowned author on Telecommunication Industry and has written several quality articles on Mobile phones, Blackberry mobile phones and other allied services

    HD Camcorders Wholesale in China Free Shipping

    Most people have an addiction to record movies and they spent a lot of money to purchase a high definition camcorder that may abruptly capture their happy moments of life. There are several gadgets available in the market to high definition movies and can be easily approached the market. They are numerous sleek designs provided by various companies. Now, you don’t need to have old fashioned camcorders that needed cassettes for recording as you can now buy an efficient portable high definition camcorder crafted with superb quality material.

    The most extra feature that attracts a person is towards this outstanding gadget is it night vision capability. The origin of production of this product is china so the best option to buy this product would be the Chinese source. If you wander over internet then you would discover that the best resource to purchase the high definition camcorder is The HD Camcorder provided on this website contain the variety of designs and functions like you can record high definition video, capture digital high definition pictures, TV Out, HDMI output support, USB mass storage capability, the auto focusing function and the most demanded capability of night vision. What’s more? It also supports the 4x digital zoom and the SDHC card support that can be extended up to 32 GB. Furthermore, it is provided with a 2.0 inch LCD display, it is manufactured with waterproof case so this is most attractive feature that enables you to shoot underwater. You can also mount in car or motor bike to record excellent moments.

    The internal flash memory that is provided with the HD Camcorder is 32MB that is further expandable with the help of external memory up to 32 GB. It is manufactured with lens of 7.45 mm. It supports numerous resolutions of pictures that include 12MP, 8MP, 5MP, 4MP, 3MP. The movies recorded with this high definition camcorder are stored in H 264 format supporting auto focus and night vision. It is provided with efficient firmware that force camcorder to auto power on and off. It is integrated with self timer so that you can take efficient snaps without any external help. You don’t need to worry about the contrast and brightness balance as it is provided with auto white balance mode for beautiful results. You can easily shift your data from camcorder to your pc through USB cable connection and you can also carryout this task with the help of memory card reader. It is provided with rechargeable battery of 3.7 v/ 1000mAh. So the best choice to buy the Top HD Camcorder is chinabuye.

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    Chinabuye is a online electronics wholesale and retail store based in China, Our main product is China mobile phones, tv cell phones, iphone accessories, mp3/mp4 players and digital camcorders, fashion clothing and other consumer electronics.
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