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Concern for the Environment Fueling Your Interest in a New Car? Greenopia Releases Green Car Guide for 2011 Vehicles

Santa Barbara, CA (PRWEB) November 29, 2010

Today Greenopia released its environmental guide for 2011 car models. The top cars receiving 4 out of a possible 4 leafs included the Tesla Roadster, Nissan Leaf, Honda CR-Z, Toyota Prius, Honda Civic Hybrid, Honda Insight, smart fortwo, and the Chevrolet Volt. The overall greenest car for the second straight year was the Tesla Roadster.


With transportation being responsible for around a third of our carbon footprint, driving a fuel efficient car is an easy way to significantly reduce your environmental impact. Many automakers have made huge strides in making their fleets more fuel efficient and cleaner burning.


The car companies who performed the best overall in the study were Tesla, smart, Mini, Honda, Volkswagen, Kia, and Toyota. Honda was especially notable with 3 of its vehicles receiving the coveted 4-leaf rating from Greenopia, being the only automaker with more than 1 vehicle receiving a 4-leaf score.


?One interesting thing about the vehicle marketplace today is that it is becoming increasingly clear which type of alternative fuel each car company is backing,? said Gay Browne, Founder of Greenopia. ?The majority of car companies seem to be backing some form of an electric vehicle, but there are several car companies who are relying on technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells.?


Greenopia used a comprehensive set of criteria to determine the car ratings. Data was collected from the EPA and from the auto companies themselves pertaining to the fuel economy, emissions, engine type, and curb weight. Weights were set based off the relative environmental impacts of a passenger vehicle life cycle.


For this year?s guide, Greenopia also considered vehicle performance while still taking into account environmental efficiency. A new icon (called ?Eco-Performance?) was awarded to highlight more performance-minded cars that also did well environmentally.


?Although vehicles with more modest engines are almost always going to be the greenest, certain performance automakers do not get enough credit for how efficient their vehicles are,? said Doug Mazeffa, Research Director of Greenopia. ?While sportier cars typically have dismal fuel economies, some are shockingly efficient. There are numerous vehicles made by the likes of Mercedes, BMW, and Porsche that can get around 30 miles to the gallon.?


Greenopia has also green car guides available for the 2009 and 2010 model years.


Greenopia employs its award-winning eco-analysis method to deliver actionable green-assessments to the rapidly growing green consumer market. Green businesses and merchants use Greenopia’s targeted marketing methods to effectively reach consumers making greener choices.


About Greenopia: The leading online directory for green, sustainable and socially conscious, daily purchase decisions. Greenopia provides the market’s only independent rating and ranking of green services and products. Our rankings and ratings are based on our review of publicly available information and reflect our evaluation of such information. To find out more, please visit


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Designs of KIA Automobiles

KIA motors is one of the most well known motor company of the world. The automobile giant has its headquarters at Seoul, South Korea. Seoul is the largest city and capital of South Korea. KIA motors is the second largest automobile manufacturer of automobiles in South Korea. The word ‘KIA’ is derived from Korean language which according to the company means “rising out of Asia”. A part of the company is owned by the Hyundai Motors.

The turning point came when Kia motors in collaboration with Ford motors started making various models of cars derived from ‘Mazda’ models. With time KIA Motors was incorporated in various countries and hence boosting the economic strength and monopoly of KIA Motors in domestic as well as international market. The company did also suffer severe setbacks when it was faced with bankruptcy in 1997 but all this did not last any longer as very soon the company recorded its high market share in U.S several times.

KIA motors as a car company lays a lot of stress on design of its automobiles. KIA motors has hired Peter Schroeder as its Chief Design Officer who has also worked with Audi and Volkswagen.


KIA Motors Corporation-It is the oldest manufacturer of motor vehicles in Korea and is also a division of Hyundai-KIA Automotive Group. The company has taken a lot of interest in sponsorship rights of Australian open and FIFA.

KIA Motors America- Its the eighth best selling automotive brand of United States. Based in Seoul, South Korea, it’s the fully functional arm of KIA group offering sales, marketing and distribution in the United States.

KIA Motors Europe- KIA Motors Europe is the sales and marketing division of KIA group. KIA Defense- KIA motors are also specialized in production and distribution of various military vehicle variants which are designated by the South Korean govt.

KIA Used Cars-KIA also markets used KIA cars under the segment of ‘Used KIA’. If you are planning to buy a brand new, good looking, low price automobile for you then the used KIA cars are the best option for you.

The best used cars- All KIA used cars are less than 18 months old and have covered less than 18,000 miles. The used cars are handpicked very carefully and it is only after examining each and every car carefully that it is approved for sale under the banner of ‘Used KIA’.

Full history-Every used KIA comes with full service history so that the customer can be fully satisfied with the product before purchasing it.

Warranty-Used KIA come with a full warranty as you would get with brand new KIA cars. KIA motors offer a Full 7-year warranty that comes with a brand new KIA car. Hence you can rest assured while buying a ‘Used KIA’. If you are not satisfied with your used KIA you can exchange your vehicle with some other within 60 days or before your vehicle has covered 1,000 miles. Hence this makes buying a used KIA most hassle free experience for you. You can rest assured on the performance of your vehicle as ‘Used KIA’ are tested several times by experts.

So if you are planning to buy an automobile which will be reliable, good looking, efficient, economic then used KIA are the best option.

KIA- Understands The Need Of Customers

brisbane kia is a leading Kia and Used Car dealership. Because of its new and used cars sales people are so enthusiastic to buy the cars from the Kia dealers. This company regularly provides the demos for the new and used cars with great features for their customers. It understands the need of their customers in terms of the features, quality, services and all the necessary factors which everyone is really desirous of getting. As brisbane kia offers vehicle finance, insurance, service and parts. Kia Optima is the type of midsize SUVs.

Many people when they are about to purchase a car at a dealership, they only expect simplifies of transaction process and also they expect a lot of options in selecting a suitable vehicle for them. brisbane kia understands it all, kia sets their customers priority on the top and every step it takes is just for the comfort of their customers.
The main features consisting of the new kia cars are the four wheel antilock brakes. The Kia Rio models offer comfort and convenience to their owners which are complemented by the affordability of the model.

One of the effective ways to buy the new kia cars models accessories to is buy the same from the trustable wholesalers of the new kia cars accessories. Kia offers a great range of used cars with a very good condition which is available with so many services and the features. This is the facility provided by the brisbane kia. It also facilitates the customers to buy the new kia cars even if they don’t have the enough budget to buy the new kia cars. As the customer can opt for the used new kia cars if you have the limited budget. Still if you purchase the new cars is the ultimate pleasure but going for the used kia car is also not the bad option as brisbane kia assures their customers with all the features and facilities as they provide with the new car. But used cars are for the one who have the limited budget. Kia products that is suitable for middle economic class.

Kia Optima is the type of midsize SUVs, though this car looks small but this car has the great features and benefits similar with the type of SUV. Kia Optima can be categorized as multi purposes vehicle. Outside the North America and Australia, Kia Optima sold as KIA Carens. Kia Optima car is powered by 2399 cc Inline 4-cylinder, automatic transmission 4-speed and for the fuel mixed driving is 10.7 liters / 100 km or 22.00 miles per gallon.
Before choosing the used new kia cars you have consider the two main aspects like the models that suits you and your financial capabilities. To get your best car deals, seek prices guidance and also go through the reviews of the used Kia on the internet. The best place to find used Kia is used car dealers is brisbane kia.


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