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AVV? announces new inventory management integration with Dealer Specialties?

Westerville, OH (PRWEB) January 25, 2011

AVV, the leading lead management solution for auto dealers nationwide and a division of Dominion Dealer Solutions, today announced all-new integration between Web Control, AVV?s Internet lead management solution (ILM), and the Dealer Specialties? inventory management system.

To be launched at NADA 2011, the lead and inventory management integration gives auto dealers real-time access to dealership inventory from a prospect?s details screen within Web Control. Timely customer communication is then made simple by emailing highly engaging vehicle e-brochures. Along with other capabilities provided by this integration, dealers will now be able to view all customers interested in a specific vehicle within the Dealer Specialties? Inventory Management System, as well as the passing of VIN-specific leads with quotes to the inventory management dashboard for display.

AVV General Manager, Ed Braunbeck stated, ?The more a dealership?s inventory and lead management solutions communicate, the more effectively a dealer can put the right people into the right vehicles. Our integration with Dealer Specialties? inventory management engine truly enables our dealers to meet this task and yield greater profits.?

?The integration between AVV?s Web Control and Dealer Specialties? Inventory Management System is a huge win for dealers who rely on these two, industry-leading products,? added Glen Garvin, group general manager for Dominion Dealer Solutions. ?Dealers will save time, reduce frustration, and view real-time inventory information alongside actual leads, driving more intelligent pricing decisions. This partnership is a testament of the future integrations being developed by sister companies within Dominion Dealer Solutions.?

About AVV

AVV, a division of Dominion Dealer Solutions and the lead management arm of Autobase, is a leading provider of independent lead management tools including Web Control, AutoManager and WebResponse. AVV is a certified OEM provider to more than 15 manufacturers including: Acura, Audi, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Kia, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Volvo and Volkswagen. AVV’s performance reporting has enabled thousands of dealers nationwide to manage the entire car buying process-from online browsing to the showroom sale to post-sale service since 1999. For more information, visit

About Dealer Specialties

Dealer Specialties, a division of Dominion Dealer Solutions, is the nation?s leading provider of inventory management systems complete with data services, analytic tools and merchandising solutions. Providing full-serve and self-serve solutions to dealers? growing and changing business needs, Dealer Specialties provides real-time inventory updates, and inventory marketing on the industry?s largest online distribution network, including,, eBay Motors, Craigslist,, YouTube and many others. Dealerships across the country choose Dealer Specialties as their inventory management and marketing solutions provider to ensure the highest quality, accuracy and timeliness of their vehicle inventory from lot to online. For more information, visit

About Dominion Dealer Solutions

Dominion Dealer Solutions helps car dealers attract, retain, and service customers for life. Dominion Dealer Solutions products include: lead generation through IFMG; customer relationship management tools through AVV, Autobase, and @utoRevenue; websites through Dealerskins and XIGroup; and specialized data aggregation, management, and reporting services through Dealer Specialties, Cross-Sell, The DataCube, and DataOne Software. These businesses serve more than 60 percent of auto dealers nationwide. Learn more at Dominion Dealer Solutions is a division of Dominion Enterprises, a leading marketing services company serving the automotive, enthusiast and commercial vehicle, real estate, apartment rental, and employment industries. Please see

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KIA- Understands The Need Of Customers

brisbane kia is a leading Kia and Used Car dealership. Because of its new and used cars sales people are so enthusiastic to buy the cars from the Kia dealers. This company regularly provides the demos for the new and used cars with great features for their customers. It understands the need of their customers in terms of the features, quality, services and all the necessary factors which everyone is really desirous of getting. As brisbane kia offers vehicle finance, insurance, service and parts. Kia Optima is the type of midsize SUVs.

Many people when they are about to purchase a car at a dealership, they only expect simplifies of transaction process and also they expect a lot of options in selecting a suitable vehicle for them. brisbane kia understands it all, kia sets their customers priority on the top and every step it takes is just for the comfort of their customers.
The main features consisting of the new kia cars are the four wheel antilock brakes. The Kia Rio models offer comfort and convenience to their owners which are complemented by the affordability of the model.

One of the effective ways to buy the new kia cars models accessories to is buy the same from the trustable wholesalers of the new kia cars accessories. Kia offers a great range of used cars with a very good condition which is available with so many services and the features. This is the facility provided by the brisbane kia. It also facilitates the customers to buy the new kia cars even if they don’t have the enough budget to buy the new kia cars. As the customer can opt for the used new kia cars if you have the limited budget. Still if you purchase the new cars is the ultimate pleasure but going for the used kia car is also not the bad option as brisbane kia assures their customers with all the features and facilities as they provide with the new car. But used cars are for the one who have the limited budget. Kia products that is suitable for middle economic class.

Kia Optima is the type of midsize SUVs, though this car looks small but this car has the great features and benefits similar with the type of SUV. Kia Optima can be categorized as multi purposes vehicle. Outside the North America and Australia, Kia Optima sold as KIA Carens. Kia Optima car is powered by 2399 cc Inline 4-cylinder, automatic transmission 4-speed and for the fuel mixed driving is 10.7 liters / 100 km or 22.00 miles per gallon.
Before choosing the used new kia cars you have consider the two main aspects like the models that suits you and your financial capabilities. To get your best car deals, seek prices guidance and also go through the reviews of the used Kia on the internet. The best place to find used Kia is used car dealers is brisbane kia.


Buying a Kia Cars Parts through Auto Ecommerce

Even though the internet cannot really replicate the everyday life that people are living these days, it is still fair to say it has certainly offered a lot of convenience in the various aspects of everyday life. One of such conveniences which became possible due to the internet is the possibility of online shopping. Now no matter what time of the day, people do not even have to step a foot out of their house if they ever want to shop for anything. Today, no matter what a person might want to purchase, almost everything is available at online shops and stores. Therefore, the consumerism of today has certainly been tremendously modernized and enhanced due to the internet. 

Shopping online is certainly convenient, but that is not all, in fact it is even a cost effective method of shopping and the overheads actually dealers have to cover are lesser because of it. The same is the case with the Kia auto industry, where a majority of the Kia car part retailers are now transforming and enhancing their services to become ecommerce automotive parts dealers. Auto ecommerce is quite an ideal option for the customers because now they make the largest Kia car parts shopping cart purchases without having to worry about physically going to a shop. 


When going for Kia auto ecommerce, customers should find options where they can try before they buy and this in fact is the best part about an online Kia parts shopping cart, when making a purchase from an ecommerce automotive online shop or store. 

In the digital domain, at one point it was most unlikely that the ecommerce Kia automotive parts industry would have succeeded, since people are not able to check the Kia parts they are purchasing and spending money one. Yet, due to technological advancements, opting for auto ecommerce has proven out to be an ideal option for customers. This is due to the fact that even by buying from a Kia car parts shopping cart online, customers are still able to gather information about the car parts, view the images, read reviews. Through ecommerce automotive parts shopping, a customer who is not satisfied even gets the option of money back guarantees and the convenience of home deliveries might be the most ideal feature. The internet is almost taking over everyone’s lives in a positive sense and therefore making auto ecommerce purchases through a car parts shopping cart online seeming much ideal now. 

In fact, when buying Kia car parts from an ecommerce automotive website, the customers could apply the same rules as they would when buying from an actual store or shop. Research is quite important when making auto ecommerce purchases from an online car parts shopping cart and the customer must also ensure how valid the money back guarantees and for how long. 

In end, buying Kia car parts from an auto ecommerce website can be as risky as buying from a physical Kia auto parts shop. Therefore, the safety of purchasing by buying from a Kia car parts shopping cart online entirely is in the hands of the customer.

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