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Kia?s new pet highlights appeal of ?Small but Mighty? new Picanto: Briggs Auto is Excited about Kia’s New Campaign

Manhattan, KS (PRWEB) June 24, 2011

As the leading Kia dealer in Kansas, Briggs Auto Group has their finger on the pulse of what’s hot in the world of cars and trucks. They really think the new Picanto is a great car, and they love Henry the Cat.

Co-starring with Picanto in the new campaign is ?Henry? ? a ?small but mighty? cat. Henry?s fun and inquisitive nature, remarkable agility and surprisingly big personality are used to reflect the new Picanto?s attributes in a full 360-degree campaign, which includes TV commercials, digital communications and print media.

?Our ?New Picanto. Small but Mighty? campaign challenges the traditional view that a small car can?t be big on personality and design,? comments Benny Oeyen, vice president Marketing and Product Planning, Kia Motors Europe.

?This impactful, amusing and unusual multimedia campaign repositions the new Picanto as appealing to a very different target audience.?

Earlier this year, Kia created a humorous online pre-marketing campaign, an innovative blog ?PicantoLeaks? ( in which an anonymous informer ?revealed? incredible secrets about the new Kia Picanto.

?Kia is a challenger brand with a great sense of creativity and style. This new campaign builds on that, and will continue to increase our visibility in the blogosphere and on social networks, enabling us to build even stronger connections with our target consumers.?

Throughout the campaign, across 11 European countries, questions such as ?Why does the red paint of the new Picanto glow so mysteriously?,? ?Who is behind the distinctive ?face? of Kia?s small car?? and ?What happened when Kia went searching for an unusual shade of black?? were answered in the most unlikely and amusing ways.

?Small but Mighty? is the latest embodiment of a revolution in Kia marketing that echoes the transformation of its product line-up. Earlier this year, Kia created a humorous online pre-marketing campaign, an innovative blog ?PicantoLeaks? ( in which a supposedly anonymous informer ?revealed? incredible secrets about the new Kia Picanto.

While the Picanto is not available in the US, local Kansas dealerships like Briggs Auto Group have a great selection of new and used Kia vehicles. Anyone interested in learning more about the 2011 Kia lineup is encouraged to stop by. They also have a great selection of other makes and models – new and used.


Kia Car Prices from Murray

KIA motors are manufacturing numerous cars and these cars are in the market in various prices. The prices are at various categories from small spending budget cars to costlier cars. These cars are of like little sized family budget cars, mini-vans, medium sized magnetis, and royal Sedona. As in all category these cars are available it is very simple to identify the car for your budget. To identify KIA car prices based on your budget you have to search for the budget cars in on the internet for this you need just one pc with web connection. So if you are the one understands how you can lookup for the same in web then you could appear for any type of KIA car which suits your spending budget.

Once you identify how to select the desired cars via search then you could list all the cars from KIA motors which fall under the spending budget. As most from the cars falls below the moderate spending budget this becomes the choice of many moderate salary people hence lots of people are approaching them and also the KIA cars are moving in huge quantity throughout the world.

The primary reason for individuals urging them in large number is that simply because of not only spending budget cars but also due to higher quality items. Even though Kia car prices are low and below everyone’s budget the quality of these cars are maintained well. This is evident from the fact that most from the KIA motor inexpensive cars contain functions like Air-conditioning, airbags at front and side for safety, ABS braking program, and music system which are mostly part from the costlier cars in other manufacturers.


So this has huge impact on people and these prices range from ,000 to ,000. It is very difficult to discover others cars in these ranges hence switch your choice to KIA cars. If you feel that ,000 is costly for compact cars then change your decision as that’s the cost of luxurious model which has additional facilities.

Even although Kia car prices are very cheap and below budget, is this enough for individuals to buy a new car? no it has to be safe. So, mostly everyone will look for security features and the crash test rating. In this KIA cars does it have all the safety functions yes it have all security functions like rear airbags and curtain side full length airbags which is very hard to see in this type of KIA inexpensive cars. Other than this it also has highest rating for crash testing too. So due to all these only this type of cheap KIA car are moving at higher rate.

Thus these prices have large impact on people and attracted much more quantity of customers for their product within the market. As everyone knows that these Kia car prices are cheap it’s also possible to obtain at a low price than the MSRP rate within the market. Because of all these many people have become the followers of cheap KIA price cars.

New Kia Soul and Redesigned Spectra Expected to be Boost Kia Sales

Calgary, Alberta (PRWEB) November 13, 2008

Kia City has just celebrated the first anniversary of their move to the Calgary Auto Mall. Their new dealership has made Kia City the largest Kia dealer in Calgary and allows them to provide the level of service that the whole concept behind Kia was founded on. This Concept includes providing the best value for an import car and ensuring affordable payments for customers. Kia City does this by offering a high level of luxury and safety features at prices below other imported new vehicles.

These are exciting times for Kia in Calgary! In addition to the all new Kia Borrego introduced in September and the newly restyled Kia Sportage which have just started to arrive the staff at Kia City are looking forward to many exciting Kia Concept vehicles which will be coming to the dealership soon.

The first of these concepts being produced by Kia Motors is the Kia Soul. The Soul offers great fuel mileage, the functionality of a wagon and fun of a small car all wrapped up in styling that will please buyers young and old. Expect to see the Kia Soul at Kia City in April 2009.

The next anxiously awaited concept Kia is the redesigned Spectra. Peter Schreyer, Kia’s new design chief, has used all the skills he learned during his time at Audi to create a compact car with the design flair of a premium European sedan. Mr. Schreyer vision for Kia is to create a harmony of design that is carried out through the entire product line. The redesigned grille and front fascia on the 2009 Kia Magentis is where Mr. Schreyer first used this harmony of design and in 2010 Spectra he has been able to apply his design principles to the whole vehicle. Wayne Salisbury, the Dealer Principal of Kia City, says, “We are going to have a best seller on its hands when the 2010 Spectra arrive in July 2009.”

Kia Motors is one of the fastest growing auto manufactures in the world and plan to keep this position by introducing even more new product. Within the next 12 months Kia will be introducing a completely redesigned Sorento now featuring front or AWD, a Spectra 2 door and a face lifted Kia Rio.

Visit Kia City in the Calgary Auto Mall or on line at to see why Kia City has become Calgary’s largest Kia Dealer.


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