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Online Car Loans for Consumers

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Fiat sales target for 2010 unlikely to be met

Fiat India has sold 24,000 cars till October 2010 in the competitive auto market, however, Fiat India is afraid of not meeting it’s yearly sales target. Fiat India’s target was to sell 46,000 cars in this year but it doesn’t seem like that the company will be able to meet the set target. The company is falling short of sales to meet its targets. Despite 2010 being a great year for the Indian Auto Market and the last quarter seeming to end on an excellent note with great launches and markets booming with car sales, Fiat India could not make use of the prosperous auto market here. Rajeev Kapoor, president and CEO of Fiat India, confirmed that, the company is facing tough competition in the domestic auto market. He revealed that, the company may fall short in meeting the sales target set for this year. Fiat India, doubled its sales target for 2010 which is 46,000 by evaluating the sale of 23,000 cars which was sold in 2009. The company is making new plans and strategies to increase the sales of Fiat Punto, the hatchback and Fiat Linea, the sedan, company’s two premium cars. Kapoor further said that, the company is forming new policies to enhance the sales and is hoping for success in the coming years. In 2007, Fiat and Tata Motors signed a partnership agreement to manufacture cars and also to make transmission engines and sets in the Ranjangaon Facility which is near Pune, Maharashtra. Fiat India, to expand across India, has already launched Fiat 500, Fiat Grande Punto the small car and Fiat Linea the mid sized car that are rolling on the Indian roads. Tata Motors sell these cars through its dealerships. Fat India, has sold almost 47,000 cars in the domestic auto market till now. Across India, Fiat, has a total of 175 dealerships. Further, to increase the portfolio of the company and to take advantage of the domestic market, the company will soon develop a small car especially for the Indian customers. Kapoor also disclosed the future plans and said that, Fiat is making a small car for the Indian auto market in its homeground Italy, with the assistance of Indian team of experts. The car will be designed as per the standards to suit the needs of the sub continent. In India, the car will be launched with the partners Tata Motors. The company will use almost 80-85 per cent localized components in the new small car.

Cheap cars are the vital role players of the economy

Cheap cars are the most popular and preferred car types of car lovers these days. These cars are having multiple advantages for the car buyers. Cheap cars are also called the backbones of the car industries as they provide the balance to the car buyers by providing the varieties that can make the budget oriented car buyers enriched and satisfied. Here are some of the reasons that are making the cheap cars so special and vital.


* Cheap cars enhances the overall sales


New cars are the hearts of car industries as every company survives on the sales of new cars but not every buyer can buy the new cars. So, there should be some alternative that can be offered in exchange of expensive new cars. The cheap cars pull the clients in the market that is in the interest of the entire industry. The overall sales have been improved and also the low budget car buyers are retained in the market. This increment in the sales overall improves the economy as well.


* Cheap cars help the owners as well


There are many car owners who sell their cars in a hurry and can get the cars encashed. Car selling is one of the media to get the payment released to the car owners. Cheap cars and used cars are the model of immediate payments and therefore the owner prefer these models to get sold them quickly.


* Cheap cars help the damaged cars to get sold


There are many times defective car production occurring and these cars are many times sold under the roof of cheap cars. The cheap cars are sometimes the defective and sub quality cars that can not be sale at the fullest prices these cars are sold as the cheap used cars for sale. These cars sale increases the sales and the production waste is reduced.


These are some of the helpful features that are making the cheap cars more important and pivotal in the industries.


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