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Precautions to Take Before Starting a Kia Cars

Before a driver actually begins driving a Kia vehicle, there are several precautions which need to be ensured. Not following such precautions could in fact result in damage to the Kia vehicle and harm to those riding in it. 

Do not leave children or adults who would normally require the assistance of others alone in your Kia vehicle. Pets should also not be left alone in the Kia automobile as well. They could accidentally injure themselves or others through inadvertent operation of the Kia vehicle. 

Closely supervise children when they are around Kia cars to prevent them from playing and becoming locked in the trunk of the Kia car where they could be seriously injured. Keep the Kia car locked, with the rear seatback and trunk lid securely latched when not in use, and prevent children’s access to Kia car keys. 

EXHAUST GAS (carbon monoxide) 

Do not breathe exhaust gases; they contain colorless and odorless carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is dangerous. It can cause unconsciousness or death. Do not run the engine in closed spaces such as a garage. Do not park the Kia vehicle with the engine running for any extended length of time. The exhaust gas and the exhaust system are very hot. Keep people, animals or flammable materials away from the exhaust system components of the Kia vehicle. 



The TPMS does not monitor the tire pressure of the spare tire. Tire pressure rises and falls depending on the heat caused by the Kia vehicle’s operation and the outside temperature. Low outside temperature can lower the temperature of the air inside the tire of the Kia automobile, which can cause a lower tire inflation pressure. This may cause the low tire pressure warning light to illuminate. If the warning light illuminates in low ambient temperature, check the tire pressure for all four tires. 

Some devices and transmitters may temporarily interfere with the operation of the TPMS and cause the low tire pressure warning light to illuminate. 

Some examples are the facilities or electric devices using similar radio frequencies are near the Kia vehicle, if a transmitter set to similar frequencies is being used in or near the Kia vehicle and if a computer (or similar equipment) or a DC/AC converter is being used in or near the Kia vehicle. 

Seat belts help reduce the risk of injury in Kia car collisions and rollovers. In a rollover crash, an unbelted or improperly belted person is significantly more likely to be injured or killed than a person properly wearing a seat belt in a Kia automobile. 

Thus many of such precautions are quite important and necessary to be made, since they can even act as life savers in particularly hazardous situations. A Kia vehicle is appropriately equipped with really high end safety equipment and is manufactured with the finest parts; nonetheless precaution is better than care. Therefore whenever a Kia automobile is started, the driver should ensure about these small facts which were mentioned here.

Hyundai Has Announced the i40 as the New Mid Sized Car to Take On Europe

(Vocus/PRWEB) December 24, 2010

Hyundai Motors has announced its new mid-sized car designed for the European market, will be called i40.

The car progresses Hyundai?s ?fluidic sculpture? design language, featuring the company?s signature hexagonal front grille and rakish lines, giving the i40 a dynamic, sporty appearance by connecting the front, side and rear profiles.

Designed in Europe for that demanding market, the i40 is tipped to help continue Hyundai?s rapid rise in New Zealand, thanks to the vehicle?s dynamic design and class-leading quality, performance and technical features.

?We are confident the i40 will continue and accelerate the huge success of the i30 and other models in the i series,? says the Chief Operating Officer of Hyundai New Zealand, Tom Ruddenklau.

It will make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March and should be in the hands of Kiwi owners by the third quarter of 2011. First up the i40 arrives as a wagon, with a sedan to follow.

For months the world?s motoring writers have been following and speculating on the development of the i40, code-named VF.

Designed at Hyundai?s European R&D facilities in R?sselsheim, Germany, the i40 is Hyundai?s first mid-sized model to be specifically developed for the European market.

The i40 will also become Hyundai?s most innovative model on sale in Europe, combining the four elements which have become core Hyundai values: practicality, performance, efficiency, and styling.

Hyundai?s designers and engineers have produced a vehicle encapsulating European motoring desires in a mid-sized car.

?We have bold ambitions for Hyundai in Europe, and the new i40 will provide the momentum we need to achieve our goals in 2011 and beyond,? commented Allan Rushforth, Vice President of Hyundai Motor Europe.

?We expect the quality of the new i40 to continue the development of our image in Europe and attract new customers to the Hyundai brand.?

The i40 will also become Hyundai?s most innovative model on sale in Europe, incorporating the latest environmental technologies developed under the company?s Blue DriveTM eco-program, and a powertrain line-up which boasts best-in-class performance and fuel economy, with very low CO? emissions.

?The i40 perfectly combines the four elements that have become core Hyundai values: practicality, performance, efficiency, and styling,? said Mr Rushforth.

# # #

When is it the right time to buy a car?

Does the day I buy it make a difference? Of course it does,the time of the year that you purchase your car can make a big difference in the price or even the equipment it comes with. One good example is that it is much better to purchase a convertible in the fall or winter, after their season is no longer relevant.

Most people are looking to buy family cars at those times, Sport Utility Vehicles and cars are the best choice. Many people buy a convertible to use it over the summer and then decide to sell it when the winter comes. One minor disadvantage to this is that you may not have much variety of choice at your disposal.

A lot of people wait for the cars to go on sale and then go out and shop for them. Some car manufactures offer great deals at certain months of the year. What is the most convenient time to purchase a car? On the weekdays like on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

In the middle of the week most car dealerships get low amounts of customers, so there is no rush, and maybe you can negotiate a good deal. At the end of the month car dealerships calculate their car sales, and at the time they offer large bonuses to to the salesman that sales the most, as an effect they want to sell as many cars as they can.

Some months of the year car dealerships go through a “drought” and some sales men may be more eager to sell something. It is important to keep in mind that dealerships set goals for all their salesmen compared to the previous month.

The best advice I can give is to buy a car when you least need it, so that you can have time to inspect all its parts, how smooth it drives and maybe even have a mechanic take a look at it inside and out. You will be surprised at how many people wait toll the last minuet and get ripped off. Maybe you can even save some more cash so that you can get the car you want.

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